Our Safety Measures 


You must pre-book your visit 

We’ve restricted our visitor numbers enable our customers to enjoy a socially distanced visit at Monkey Bizz. Before you visit you’ll need to make sure you’ve pre-booked the date and session time of your arrival. 

Pre-booking means we can control visitor numbers, track and trace and have a safe, friendly environment for you and our staff. 


On arrival – entry 

Please practice good social distancing whilst queuing to enter the attraction. We may need to restrict the number of visitors in the Reception area and operate a queuing system to ensure customers are safely spaced inside. 

On entry into Monkey Bizz a mask needs to be worn (except if you have an exemption card). You must do track and trace on arrival or you will not be allowed into the centre.


We have gone cashless 

Sorry we will not be accepting coins or bank notes on site. We’ve done this to keep you and our staff as safe as possible from COVID-19 and also security reasons. 

Apologises for any inconvenience. 


Food and Drink 

We will be operating a table service. Instructions for ordering food and beverages will be clearly signed. 

Masks will need to be worn around the Centre unless you are seated at a table.  


Eating – Seating arrangements 

We have organised our tables so that social distancing from other visitors can be maintained. When you are not eating and drinking a mask must be worn as per government guidelines. 

Please do not move the tables or join tables together 


Clean hands 

We’ve installed additional hand sanitising stations throughout Monkey Bizz so you’re never too far away from somewhere you can sanitise you and your little ones hands. 

On entry into Monkey Bizz you will need to sanitise. Also when you want to enter and exit the soft  


Don’t visit with symptoms 

Please DO NOT VISIT Monkey Bizz if you have symptoms of coronavirus including; 

A high temperature, persistent new cough and/or a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste. 

We respectfully request that Customers refrain from visiting Monkey Bizz with a cough, cold or sickness