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Gym Bizz

Bizz Gym offers its customers excellent value for money with memberships starting from only £14.95 per month, with 30 day rolling contract!

Bizz Gym has been designed to cater for all of your health and fitness needs. We boast a range of high specification equipment, split over two levels. The ground floor is dedicated to strength related fitness, offering a wide range of resistance machines and free-weights designed to encompass a full body workout. The functional training rig will develop your core strength through a variety of challenging workout stations, while the first floor comprises a separate cardiovascular workout room, studio, and purpose built ‘spin’ room, ensuring your fitness needs are met to a high standard.


Gym Bizz boasts an extensive range of equipment which can be utilised for strength related training as well as full body toning. The resistance machines available have been specifically chosen to ensure that all of your body’s muscles are catered for in the most effective manner. These machines operate on a converging basis, ensuring your muscles work evenly throughout the work out. The free weight area is dedicated to plate-loaded equipment, boasting a variety of machinery including a Squat Rack, Smith Machine and Olympic Benches. There is also a large range of Dumbbells on offer from with weights from 2KG to 40KG ensuring everyone’s needs are catered for whether from beginners to a more seasoned lifter.

Functional Training Rig

Gym Bizz has a purpose-built custom made Functional Training Rig which has been located on the ground floor adjacent to the matted area, allowing Bizz users to gain cores strength, full body toning and amazing conditioning through a variety challenging stations from battle ropes, to monkey bars. If the rig presents too much of a daunting prospect, the Functional Training Machine and matted area offer more than an adequate replacement, until you are ready to tackle the Rig.

Cardio & Classes

At Gym Bizz the first floor has been designed to cater for all your cardiovascular needs. The cardio room is dedicated to easy to use machines offering a variety of programmes ranging from touch and go, to more detailed exercise regimes, maximising the effectiveness of your work out. The cardio room boasts a range of equipment including Elliptical Cross Trainers, Treadmills, Rowing Machines and both Recumbent and upright Cycles.

‘Spin’ Room

Gym Bizz also has a separate purpose built ‘spin’ room has been equipped with bikes, designed with dual SPD pedal and cage, making them ideal for beginners and more experienced users; the fly wheel perfectly balanced to help generate both power and speed for your work out.


Bizz studio has been designed to cater for the variety of classes on offer at the Bizz while maximising the effectiveness for the Personal Trainers due to size and location.